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Beyond Disabilities offers two presentations: Living a Disabled Life and Eradicating Bullying. Presentations run between 60 and 120 minutes, depending on your schedule. We want people to understand that everyone has some type of disability but some are more visible than others. People with visible disabilities live their lives like everyone else. Our goals are to help communities understand people with disabilities are just like everyone else, to raise disability awareness, and to spread the word that people with disabilities are capable of many accomplishments.

Speaking Engagements

Living a Disabled Life

Topics Include:

  • What it feels like to be disabled.

  • Accomplishing goals at your own pace.

  • How disabilities affect lives.

  • Motivation and leadership.

Eradicating Bullying

Topics Include:

  • Different types of bullying.

  • Why people bully.

  • Strategies for eradicating bullying.

*A portion of the speaking fee will be paid to the presenters and the remainder will be used to promote disability awareness and prevention of bullying.*

What Time Works For You?

Thank you, we will be in touch!

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