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Living a disabled life

"Living a Disabled Life"

  • What it feels like to be disabled

  • Accomplishing goals at your own pace

  • How disabilities affect lives

  • Motivation and leadership

Steve’s “Living a Disabled Life” presentation lets people know what it’s like to live with a disability. He talks about his trauma at birth and how it led to his disability of cerebral palsy. He speaks about his life experience as a small child through his college years and the struggles he encountered. Finally, he describes all the sports he’s been involved with over the years, including his international competitions and the medals he’s received.

Edadicating bullying

Eradicating Bullying

  • Different types of bullying

  • Why people bully

  • Strategies for eradicating bullying

Steve and Chitalu’s “Eradicating Bullying” presentation talks about the different types of bullying and why people bully others. The presentation focuses on the three components of bullying and strategies for eradicating bullying. Steve and Chitalu are very passionate about making a difference in this area.

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